Transverse oscillations: a method for vector motion estimation in cardiovascular applications

Dates (début / fin) : 
21 avril 2016 -
14:00 - 17:00
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Amphithéâtre Schittly de l'ENSISA Lumière

Dans le cadre du Cycle de Conférences "PROJET MIFA Mathématiques pour l'Image, les Formes et Applications" des Laboratoires MIPS-LMIA-LPMT, conférence par le Pr. Hervé Liebgott du Laboratoire Creatis – Université de Lyon.

In medical imaging one is often interested in evaluating or mapping information about the local motion of tissue or blood. This information carries indeed relevant indices about the normal or pathological state of the patient.

The aim of this presentation is to give an overview of an ultrasound based vector motion estimation technique called transverse oscillations. This technique has initially been developed by the group of J.A. Jensen at the technical University of Denmark in the 90’s for the estimation of two dimensional blood velocities using a linear ultrasound array [Jensen and Munk 98]. It has further been developed and extended to convex and phased arrays as well as 3D and high frame rate imaging.

12 rue des Frères Lumière